Who makes up the ROCK International Board of Directors?

Currently, the ROCK Board consists of three men and two women, all with international experience, all passionate about seeing the gospel understood and believed among the nations.

Nate Bramsen, Executive Director – Niger
Paul Bramsen, President – South Carolina (Senegal)
Dr. Phil Golson, Vice President – South Africa
Dr. Rachel Hagues, Secretary – Alabama (Tanzania)
Collette Wolfgram – Tennessee (International short-term)

Is ROCK International associated with one particular denomination?

No. Our teams consist of believers in Jesus Christ from various church circles. We are followers of Jesus Christ and proclaim the clear Gospel as laid out in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, “For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.” For more, check out our STATEMENT OF FAITH. We hold tightly to these truths.

Are gifts to ROCK International tax deductible?

Yes. ROCK International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that meets all US government requirements. Any gift given through ROCK International will receive a tax-deductible receipt, either by email or postal mail.

Does ROCK International have any partners?

ROCK International works with many churches, organizations, and individuals. For example, some working with ROCKids’ projects are connected with non-profit organizations such as CMML (Christian Missions in Many Lands) and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). These non-profits are partners in the sense that they facilitate (e.g. provide a support channel and legal status for) North American workers in foreign lands. Keep in mind that contributions given to ROCK International go to projects, not the North American workers connected with those projects. As for ROCK Resources, because of our multi-language broadcasts, books, and movie, we have partnerships at various levels with many groups worldwide. For example, three organizations we work with regularly are: TransWorld Radio (TWR 360) and SIM–Life Challenge (Kenya/Germany), and Association Yoonu Njub (Senegal).

Where does ROCK International work?

ROCK Resources is at work in scores of countries via our multi-language broadcasts, books, and movie. ROCKids currently has active projects in Senegal, Niger, and Tanzania.

Does ROCK raise support and do financial campaigns?

No. We have used Awareness Banquets to inform folks of new opportunities, and while we are happy to share with our partners how ROCK funds are being invested and where funds are most needed to complete specific projects, we do not ask for money, nor do we carry out fundraising campaigns. We believe our God owns everything and knows every need for every project (Psalm 50:9-15). We also believe that He provides through His people, and that He can and will burden folks to give. Corrie Ten Boom put it like this, “I'd rather be the child of a loving Father than a beggar at the doorstep of worldly men.” Hudson Taylor said, “God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” At the bottom of each ROCK receipt you will read, “Pray as God commands. Give as God provides. Go as God leads.”

Q. How do I know my money is being used wisely?

This is a valid question in a world filled with selfishness, deceit, and profiteering—which can happen even within faith-based organizations. Donors can rest assured that money given to ROCK goes directly to the project to which it was designated. ROCK has adopted a conflict of interest policy to insure a system of accountability among those making decisions as to where the funds are invested within every project.

In ROCK International, each worker is a volunteer. All are self-supported; either by working secular jobs or by receiving funds from those who have chosen to support them using other non-profit mission agencies. No money donated to ROCK is used to support North American workers. In countries where ROCK operates through a partner, salaries are often paid to local indigenous workers but ROCK International is not the one paying the salary.

If I give a general gift and don't designate it to a certain area, where will it go?

All non-designated gifts are automatically invested into ROCKids. If you want your contribution to be go towards a specific ministry, the following applies:

  • If you mail in a check, please include a note stating where you want your gift invested.
    ROCK International
    P.O. Box 4766
    Greenville, SC 29608
  • If you give online, check the appropriate box on the CONTRIBUTE page where you will find the choice of ROCKids, ROCK Resources, or a Specific Project (using the drop-down menu).

Q. How can I be directly involved with the activities of ROCK International?

There are many ways to be involved.
One vital way is through PRAYER. Follow ROCK International on Twitter or via the website for current and updated prayer requests.

Secondly, use the resources ROCK produces to access and reach your community for Christ. Virtually everything ROCK International produces is available for free download. ROCK also sells these resources by the case at low, ministry-prices. If you only need a few copies, we encourage you to buy from online sellers (such as Amazon) when possible. This not only reduces our administrative load, but also increases the rating of our resources in the secular world. Visit ROCK Resources’ STORE to find links to some of our online sellers. The profits from sales of our materials simply go back into the system for republishing and developing more resources in more languages to reach more people with the best story and message ever told. ROCK is distribution-driven, not profit-driven.

Third, perhaps God will call you to GO. As much as we would love to recruit, we realize God does the calling and directing and that God’s call starts right where you are.

If one is not already doing the work of God where they are currently located, there should be no assumption made they would do it elsewhere. All of ROCK International’s workers are self-supported through outside agencies or business ventures and serve on staff completely in a volunteer role with commendation and appointment through their local church (Acts 13:1-4).

Anyone who is considering the call of Christ to a land beyond their present nation of residence would be told two things by ROCK advisors. Before considering another location, may your knees be sore from prayer and may you be already actively serving where you currently live. We pray for many more workers to go into the fields of the unreached people groups around the world (Matthew 9:35-38).

If you feel the Lord leading you to consider working in a ROCK project, check out our CONTACT page and send us a note explaining your burden, passion, and prayer. We will start a dialogue and when the time is appropriate, begin the application process.

What are the various field opportunities?

We have a few classifications:

The first is a short-term volunteer. This would be an individual or small team working in the field for two weeks or less; usually on a specific project.

The second is the mentor program. This specifies an individual who will remain in country for up to four months. They would have a long-term team member act as a mentor for the duration of their stay. This program is subject to mentor availability.

The third option is the internship program. Usually, the intern remains in country between 4-12 months. Ideally, this person is considering long-term involvement, is plugged into language studies in-country, and is getting a taste of a variety of ministries with the possibility of returning. Anyone remaining in Niger over one year is considered a long-term team member.

What is the application process?

The process begins by communicating with ROCK personnel. In time, an interview will be set up. If the process is to continue, the applicant then fills out an application.

From there, a thorough reference check is carried out along with a background check. Communicating with leadership in their local church is primary as we view the local church as the first sending agency. Usually in this process there is continued communication with the applicant both from the foreign field and the USA side of ROCK International.

Finally, a decision will be made by both the international and home offices of ROCK and the board will send the invitation letter to the applicant.

Is there a place for para-church organizations?

ROCK does not view itself as a para-church organization, but rather, merely a tool to facilitate the church’s work among the nations; specifically, the unreached. ROCK does not replace the role of the local church. We serve the church through meeting government demands and protocol and offering a platform to access souls.

Q. Does the world need another NGO reaching the children of the world?

A. We acknowledge that there are many great organizations providing relief for children. We thank God for them, and if they are in a given area and meeting needs effectively, we prefer to encourage their efforts rather than come in with our own program.

A distinguishing characteristic of ROCK International is that all funds donated go exclusively to the projects to which they are designated and are not used to support the workers who have been sent by their local church body. Contributors with a burden for reaching kids can be confident that all of their contribution is being used for that purpose.

For more about ROCK’s story, read FROM THE FOUNDER.