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February 2017

• ROCK Report •

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DECEMBER 2016 marked ROCK International’s 10th anniversary. ROCK continues as a channel for projects of holistic care for children in neglected areas of the world (ROCKids) and a source for multi-language media tools that present the gospel in a worldview-appropriate way for all ages and cultures (ROCK Resources).
Justin teaching kids


"I want to be a follower of Jesus!" 
— 13-year-old son of imam in Niger

Nate, ROCK’s executive director, writes: On the Niger front, God is changing the lives of children. Last week, a 13-year-old boy, openly declared that he wants to follow Christ despite the persecution and suffering he knows he must face. Every week, a few hundred children hear the gospel clearly through the various ministries (kid's clubs, music, art, academics, athletic programs, etc.).
Plans are moving forward for the opening of a preschool in the Fall of 2017 and a children's home in 2018. We are excited to see a culture created where these children not only know the value of their life, but desire to live for the glory of the One who created them. As you pray for Niger, we would love to see your tweets/posts through the hashtag:
In Tanzania, the construction of the Girls' Secondary School is happening as the Lord provides. Pray for the development of this needed refuge for young ladies that live constantly in danger of being abused. Rachel, visionary for the girl’s school and secretary on ROCK’s board writes: Two classrooms are done and our partners are supposed to inspect them this week. Toilets are next on the list. Yay!

ROCK Resources

“I have Bible. I no understand Bible. I watch movie last night. NOW I UNDERSTAND BIBLE!”
— Chinese Immigrant in Alaska

We receive regular reports of God at work in lives through ROCK’s multi-language resources. This story comes from a worker in a creative access country in Central Asia:

I am in touch with an unreached Muslim group with only a handful of believers and no Bible translation. Some of my partners are asking if we could translate and dub KING of GLORY. There are many issues here: illiteracy, multiple alphabets, dialects... I also want to share with you an email I received from a pastor friend in Fairbanks, Alaska. Last year I introduced him to the movie and he has been giving it to all his Chinese and Hong Kong friends from the Asian restaurants. He wrote: “One of our Chinese friends to whom we gave the movie said: ‘I have Bible. I no understand Bible. I watch movie last night. NOW I UNDERSTAND BIBLE!’ When this guy said the last sentence he was very animated, gesturing with his hands, his eyes were as big as silver dollars.”

Over the past year KING of GLORY has been dubbed into 13 languages, with many others in production. Today, in God's perfect time, after 19 months of "setbacks", the French edition has reached the finish line! ROI de GLOIRE is beautifully done. Pray that it and the other language-versions will get to those who need to understand God's story and message. Tomorrow, a couple of us fly to Senegal to record and dub the Wolof version of the film.
God keeps opening doors for these resources to be put into more languages and touch more lives via radio, Internet, DVD, micro-SD cards, and people like you. Thank you for your prayers.


“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us—SO THAT your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.” (Psalm 67)
Thank you for your part in what HE is doing,
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