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First Day of Recording KoG in Wolof. Feb.2017

king of glory in Wolof

After we finished recording and watching Scene 1 of 70, Malick, the narrator, commented, "This film hits my heart. As a Wolof, if I didn’t know the Lord Jesus and heard this film in my heart language, I would want to receive Him as my Savior and Lord!" Please pray that this very thing will happen in multitudes as the people of Senegal and Gambia hear the King’s story and message in their heart language. In another region of the world, another KoG language is about to be released: Lebanese Arabic. Lebanon’s population is about 4.5 million people, plus another 1.5 million Syrian refugees who are fleeing the civil war. The translation/recording team has a heart to reach these refugees with God's love and truth, and plan to produce KING of GLORY in many more Arabic dialects.... Pray!
NRB Media Convention 2017 - ROCK booth


God arranged countless connections at ROCK International's booth this week at the National Religious Broadcasters Media Convention in Orlando, Florida. The NRB's jam-packed, four-day event provided non-stop opportunities to connect with other members of God's family who are looking for good content and tools to use in their ministries. At least five different groups committed to translate and record KoG into new languages: Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, and Danish. Several TV stations, international and domestic, expressed their excitement and plans to integrate KING of GLORY episodes into their programming. Where all this networking will lead, only God knows. We were thankful to meet up with old partners as well, such as TransWorld Radio, which uses ROCK's multi-language radio programs, books, and movie on their TWR360 platform. How we need one another!


Thank you for your continued prayers and investment into what God is doing in Niger, Tanzania, and Senegal. One tedious and potentially overwhelming aspect of cross-culture ministry is language study. Lauren (who is slated to oversee the establishment of the preschool in Niger) recently wrote, “It's hard to believe I only have a month left here in Paris. Time has gone by quickly and I definitely don't feel ready to be done with formal language studies. God has been teaching me so much, drawing me closer to himself each day. One thing that has become clear to me over the past few weeks is that I will not be able to open this preschool in Niger—at least not on my own. It is God who must put together the pieces and accomplish this project. I don't have the knowledge, strength, or wisdom, and I barely speak French. When this preschool does open, God will get 100% of the credit. Yes, I am doing my part to learn French, I will put together a curriculum, and I will be there when the doors open. But God is the one who is ultimately working in every task. I include the above picture because it reminds me of the beauty of God. While I pushed a button on my phone to capture the moment, He is the artist. He put together this scene for me to enjoy. That's how I feel about the preschool. I might be the one pushing the button, but He is the One who will put it all together! “For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure." (Philippians 2:13)

Without Him... nothing! (John 15:5)

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