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eve meets eve

NIGER (106°F) – Ruth (ROCHE team member) writes: Yesterday my neighbor girls invited me into their little grass hut and we watched about 50 minutes of King of Glory as one of them braided another’s hair. Often [her] fingers would stop braiding because she was so engrossed in the movie. Hawa (“Eve” in Zarma) loved hearing her name so often in the creation story. She asked if I would come to her house and show the movie to her mother, which I did that afternoon for 30 minutes. They asked me to come back tomorrow for another session. Her mother really seemed to enjoy it even though she looked only half-alive from going with no food and no water all day for Ramadan. They used a little phone camera to take pictures of Adam and Eve on the screen, because her only daughter is named Hawa (Eve) and she has a son named Adam! The movie is a great way for me to be with the people while still being very limited in Zarma... and such a great tool to share the light of God's Word in such darkness here in Niger. So thankful to have it on my laptop!”

Another precious child in Niger
People & projects

Thank you in Jesus’ name for your prayers and part in what God is doing through the channel of ROCK International. Thank you for partnering with us in projects that help the Lord's servants to make known His love and truth to children, their families, and communities in Niger, Tanzania, Senegal, and around the world. In Niger, the team is investing into the people around them where God is doing His transforming work in lives. In Tanzania, the plan to open a school for girls where they will be safe from abuse, and receive a Christ-centered education is moving forward, one building at a time. In Senegal, the Wolof radio broadcasts and movie are impacting lives. ROCK has equipped our brother Henri with the tools he needs (laptop, tablet, mini-projector, loudspeakers, solar panel batteries, gas-money, etc.) to show the Wolof version of KING of GLORY in northern Senegal--in homes, villages, schools, the university, prison, etc. Thank you for praying for the Lord’s mighty working through all this.
On the world scene, amid the chaos, God keeps opening doors for ROCK’s multi-language resources to bring the Words of Life to people via radio, internet, TV, distributions of books, booklets, DVDs, flash drives, micro SD cards, and the like. This week, agreements have been signed to have The WAY of RIGHTEOUSNESS’ 100 programs produced in the languages of Somali (Somalia) and Nubian (Uganda), the KING of GLORY movie was completed and released in Lebanese Arabic; and in Brazil, Denmark, and Southeast Asia—teams are working to translate the KING of GLORY movie into Portuguese, Danish, and Tajik.

pray for families

ALBERTA, CANADA - Jenny (a nurse who is reaching out to First Nation people on a reserve) tells of an opportunity with an Indian family with two 10-year-old twin sisters and their 8-year old brother. They live with their grandmother. Jenny writes: Last week I went to pick them up and take them for a walk and a treat out. One of the twins, Tara (real names not used), shared that she feels afraid all the time. They told me about their parent’s drinking and fighting. Trisha is her twin sister. After taking them out for a treat, Tara spoke up and said, “You actually made my day today.” I just can’t imagine the trauma they have gone through! We watched the entire Old Testament part of the King of Glory movie. Nirav, their brother, watched enthusiastically. “Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” he KING of GLORY film showing in Nigercried out as Eve was about to take the forbidden fruit. He was so disappointed when she did take it! Trisha told me she thought the movie was going to be boring, “but it’s actually really interesting.” During the movie, about Adam and Eve Tara said, “Yay! The blood covered their sin!” Later, Jenny wrote: Finished King of Glory tonight. There were 9 of us at the grandmother’s home. Six kids. Here are some comments from the kids during and after the movie: “That was beautiful!” / “I loved it!” / “I want to go to paradise!” / “After this, I LOVE JESUS! I love Him a million times over!” Jenny and others are presently working to distribute 1000 KING of GLORY DVDs to people on and outside the reserve.

Thank you for your part in what God is doing.
Paul, for ROCK

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