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celebrating 25 years OF God's "AIR FORCE" IN SENEGAL

“Brothers and sisters, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you."   --1 Thessalonians 3:1

About 30 years ago a brother asked me, “Have you ever considered doing radio broadcasts in Senegal?” I answered, “Not really…”, to which he replied, “I am going to pray about this.” Five years later, the Lord opened the way for our little team to begin producing and broadcasting a 100-program chronological gospel series in Wolof called: Yoonu Njub [pronounced: YO-NEW JOUP, as in SOUP], meaning: The Way of Righteousness (TWOR). [To listen to the English version recorded by TransWorld Radio, click here.] Note: The above graphic shows the November 2 page from my 1992 journal, and pics (taken from Super-8 movie frames) of the 2-year process to write, record, and duplicate the 100 radio programs in Wolof.

November 2, 2017 will mark 25 years since the first program was aired on Senegal’s national radio station. Today, this Creation-to-Christ-to-New Creation series continues to be broadcast on about a dozen stations in the 94% Muslim nation of Senegal. And, by God’s grace and with many partnerships, these 100 programs have been and continue to be translated and recorded into scores of languages for broadcast to Muslims and others around the world. A few days ago we received this note from a worker in North Africa: “After starting this project about four years ago, the translation and recording of The Way of Righteousness in [a language of 4.5 million people] is now complete. Praise the Lord! We are currently broadcasting it over two different radio stations here. We hope to expand the coverage soon by transmitting the program [into a region of ongoing terrorist activity and warfare]. Thank you for your prayers.”

In obeying Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations, gospel radio can be likened to the air force in a nation’s military. History shows that wars are not won with air power alone. Soldiers are needed to take and hold ground. But an air force can soften the resistance that the ground troops would otherwise face. Though we only see “the edges of [God's] ways” (Job 26:14), over the past quarter century, we have been blessed to receive loads of testimonies about how the “air force” of radio broadcasts have prepared the way for the Lord's “ground troops.” Here are four examples:
1998. An evangelism team showed the Jesus Film in a village in central Senegal. After the film showing, two elderly men told the team leader, “We believe in Jesus the Messiah and want to follow Him.” In cross-examining these Muslim men, the team was amazed at their grasp of the gospel. “Where did you learn all this?” the team leader asked. The men replied, “Listening to Yoonu Njub.”
2004. A listener named Elhadj wrote: “I am a Muslim. I listen faithfully to your broadcasts, which greatly interest me. Since the year 2000, I have never missed a broadcast. That is why I ask you to please send me certain books which for me are necessary. I would like to have the Gospels, the Bible, the New Testament and the book of Isaiah, and any other books which can help me to better understand Christianity. When you receive this letter, please call me. I anxiously await these books.” Malick and I drove the 3 hours to meet with Elhadj. We gave him a Bible in French and a New Testament in Wolof. He was thrilled to receive the Scriptures, which he now understands are contained in one book!
2010. A Wolof man who listened to TWOR for 18 years went to great effort to locate Malick—the voice behind the Bible-teaching that was satisfying his soul. Malick spent a few hours with him, further explaining God’s way of righteousness, and the man put His trust in Christ for salvation.
2017. Some months ago, the Lord added an entire family to the church in Saint Louis, Senegal. What first caused them to consider the gospel? Yoonu Njub broadcasts. Did they make the transition from Islam to Christ just by listening to our radio programs? No. The Lord used His “ground troops” to help this family through several intense battles before they came to Christ, but radio played an initial role.

KING of GLORY in Creative access countries

In other areas of ROCK’s media ministries, the KING of GLORY book and movie continue to come out in more languages. We thank the Lord for the diligence of the translation and recording teams that take these projects to the finish line. To date, the movie has been dubbed into 19 languages. Almost daily we hear stories of God's work with these tools. Here are three excerpts from some “stan” countries in Central Asia:
Central Asian Country #1 – As we reported earlier this year, by God’s mighty working, the full 15-epsiode movie was shown on Easter Sunday in this “closed” country. The worker who has overseen the translation of the movie into 4 “stan” languages, recently wrote: “Just yesterday a brother told me he bumps into KING of GLORY everywhere. All over Facebook and YouTube, people are sharing it every way imaginable here. He is going to try to get his 80-year old father to watch it tomorrow. Another brother took it to nomadic shepherds in the mountains near China.... Border guards came and forced them to leave.”
Central Asian Country #2 – Here the movie was also shown on television with a potential audience of 30 million. “A local believer put KING of GLORY on the internet, and has already had over 7,000 views.”
Central Asian Country #3 – A sister in Christ writes about a family where the alcoholic father beats his wife, causing her and their 3 children to live in fear, depression and poverty. “They came to us. I met them with love, began to feed them, give them hugs, because I saw they are very sad. But after some days I noticed their smiles9-year-old new believer. The mom began to smile too. Every day we talked about God’s love, God loves you, and He takes care of you. I bought clothes for them and they were very happy. Yesterday they came to house church. Their mom said, ‘I had peace in my heart when I saw very good, friendly atmosphere from church.’ That evening I showed them King of Glory. They watched it with big interest. King of Glory is a very powerful movie, and is very interesting to them. It explains everything very well. After the movie, I explained to them more about sin, about how to get a clean heart… The oldest child, who is 9 [see photo], said he wanted to have clean heart and receive Jesus as Savior… He is now shining! …I told them that millions of angels are happy. Later we celebrated and had some tea with sweets. Our God is so amazing! The kids were very happy and asked me to pray together with them every day. Today we prayed about their father that he also would receive a clean heart and start taking care of his family.” [sic]
What If Jesus Meant What He Said? - Coming Soon!

coming Soon: 3 NEW TOOLS

ROCK plans to release the following resources:
• Before the end of 2017: What If Jesus Meant What He Said? by Nate Bramsen.
• In early 2018: KING of GLORY Illustrated Study Guide and KING of GLORY Coloring Book.
Thank you for your prayers and part in what God is doing through the channel of ROCK Resources. This ministry would not exist apart from partners like you who pray as God commands, give as God provides, and go as God leads. Next time, we plan to report  on what we see God doing through the channel of ROCKids.  --Paul

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